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The Albert line of pocket watch chains has taken off in popularity in the US in recent years.  These have been a traditional staple in Europe for centuries, but has only recently been introduced here.  A little longer than our American watch chain, this handsome model measures 17 inches in length, with OFT's large, 11/16 inch spring ring at one end, our full, 360 degree, high quality swivel at the other end, and the gentleman's T-Bar, or toggle, in the middle.  This pocket watch chain makes a very handsome and striking appearance when you want to display your favorite watch FOB or Pen Knife.  Made especially by Old Father Time, the chains are a masculine, beveled curb link in the perfect weight.

  • Item #: 914Y
  • Condition: New

GOLD Single Albert Pocket Watch Chain 914Y by Old Father Time

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